RailSounds Commander
From the Electric RailRoad

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A new product from ERR that fills a need for great sounds from a small space. Now you can add Lionel RailsoundsTM to aftermarket locos using a neat small package. Compatible with Lionel TMCC and also Conventional mode.

On the right is the compact modular  RS-CommanderTM system. 
These are the two components of the system side by side. On the left is the new RS-Commander's motherboard and the Lionel Railsounds audio board which plugs into it.

The board will be offered in several voices for
Steam. Diesel and Electric.
Here you can see a comparison of the sizes of ERR's Sound Commander and the new RS-Commander.

The Sound Commander is slightly smaller than the new RS-Commander is but the RS-Commander will fit in most any conversion project.


This is the board layout showing it is a full feature Railsounds V4 system.

Connectors include:
Standard Supply/Serial Input
Conventional Battery and Sound ON/OFF
Hall Effect or Switch sound Trigger
Motor Brush, Prime Mover sound RPM Input
Speaker Out
Volume range control.

Here is the RS-Commander installed in an
S-Gauge AM Pacific Tender.

This is the same tender with a ERR Sound Commander before upgrading to the RS-Commander

The RS-Commander from the
 Electric RR. Co.

The Electric Railroad Company
2326 Walsh Avenue
Santa Clara, CA.  95051   USA

American Flyer(R), Trainmaster(R) ,Railsounds(R)and TMCC(R) are the registered trademarks of Lionel

Now my AM Pacific has Lionel's great Railsounds!