The Lionel/American Flyer
4-6-6-4 Challenger

A Brief Review


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Here is the long awaited AF 4-6-6-4 Challenger.
Quite an engine with loads of detail and good looks
A 1/64th scale model new from the tracks up made from all new tooling. Equipped with Lionel's Legacy TMCC system. Featuring Odyssey speed control and Legacy Railsounds
Here it is exposing the inner workings of the loco.

It has twin drive motors with a unique dual Back-EMF speed control so both motors are cruise controlled not just one as in previous engines. Usually one was speed controlled and the other was just a helper.

The programming switches are under a hatch on the top of the boiler. Easy to reach.

You can see the firebox glow LEDs. They do flicker at lower speeds in sync with the chuffing.

The Smoke unit has puffing smoke in sync with the 4 chuffs per revolution of the drivers.
Test running the smoke unit on the test stand.

The Headlight is a White LED
Getting some break in time after the lubrication of the drivers and running gear.

Shell Removal

Note the flex jointed steam pipe on the cylinders.

These screws have to be removed when taking the shell of the loco chassis.

Loco Issues

Here are issues as I am aware of them.
An Issue I found was that the antenna splice joint was interfering with the function switch plate and can potentially wear through the heat shrink tubing and short to the chassis. Mine was almost shorting.

Repositioning the joint to clear the plate fixes it.

I and others have reported that the front coupler is mounted upside down. Easy to repair by reassembling in the correct position..