A Look Inside the AF Big Boy

The Big Boy is easy to disassemble by removing 5 screws.  The Chassis is a one piece stamped steel piece.

There are two connector pigtails that need to be disconnected, one for the antenna and one for the lights.   

Here are the drive motors. The rear one has the Odyssey Tach wheel and the front one does not.

In between is the Motor Driver board (DCDS-J)

At the rear is the firebox glow LED board. In front of that is the Mother board and R4LC Legacy receiver board
At the front end is the Smart Smoke Unit. It has a fan compartment and a Heating Element compartment.

It is controlled by serial data.

The smoke Element is 6 ohms and should never be left on the high smoke setting. Use high for a quick warm up only and reduce to medium or low setting once the smoke output starts.

This is the Tender chassis. It has a pair of speakers in the baffle. It is a Railsounds 5.5 system.

If you look at the white connector you will see two resistors and a diode in this picture. These are current the dropping components for the rear marker lights. Normally there is only one 470 ohm resistor and the diode covered with heat shrink tubing. I added a 10K ohm resistor to reduce the intensity of the two rear marker lights and then re-covered with heat shrink tubing again.
Here you will  notice the  two marker lights with reduced brightness are more realistic with the 10K resistor added.
Before the modification
Here the Big boy goes through some running time on the tread mill.