Repairing the Big Boy Loose coupler screws. 
A common issue that causes coupler droop and possible shorting

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After removing the tender shell remove the speaker baffle assembly. I use a couple of rubber bands to keep the baffle together while removed.

Remove the two screws that hold the RailSounds board bracket and move the board aside to access the rear truck frame's screws.

Do not loose the shim washer under the frame assembly. Be sure to re-install it in the same location.. The screw with the shim will be longer that the others. This photo shows the wheelsets removed but they should not need to be removed to do this repair. 

These 4 screws are removed to allow the truck frame removal.


After the rear truck frame is separated from the tender frame the electro coupler mounting screws are accessible. Be sure to Loctite them when re-tightening.