AF  Northern TMCC and Sound Conversion
Using Electric RR Co. Sound Commander

America Flyer Northern Updated with modern TMCC Compatible Electronics

Upgrading the American Flyer Northern is an easy conversion to do. This unit has a DC can motor but AC motored ones can be converted too. 

The TMCC conversion here used a MDB board and a Lionel R2LC receiver. The Sound system in the Electric RR Co's Sound Commander  unit. 

Sounds are Whistle, Bell, Triggered Chuff with 4 chuff cadence, Air blow down, Steam backgrounds with pump, and coupler clank. The whistle and bell volume are controlled by Aux1+1 and 4. The chuff and background sounds are controlled with Aux1+3 and 6.
Aux1+2 is air blowdown

There is plenty of room in the tender. 
The Sound board is held in place with a strip of double sided foam tape. 

The speaker is LARGE and has lots of volume. The tender's original design had lots of sound venting between the shell and base so additional holes for the speaker was not needed. The speaker is from Jameco  Electronics part number 135811PS
Held in place against the top of the tender shell with hot glue the 2-1/2 oval speaker is also hot glued in four places in the sides to prevent vibrations.

The bottom has the program switch added and you can see the external stick on TMCC antenna panel. A Chuff Sound Trigger switch is added to the truck. It is a magnetic reed switch and a small magnet is added to the adjacent axle.

The switch is enclosed in a piece of heat shrink tubing and CA glued to a piece of Plastistruc for mounting.

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