AC/DC TMCC Compatible Mini Driver Board

AC/DC Mini Driver Board drawn with PCB123. I used a FREE product called  PCB123 downloaded from the PCB123 web site and I have the board's latest design in a file available here for download In 2 versions.

Version 1. Using Discrete Diodes D1,D2,D3,D4 for the bridge rectifier

Version 2. Using a component Bridge Rectifier (NTE 5309)  

  If you want use PCB123 program to order boards, it shows a cost of less than $9 each using the PCB123 program for a quantity of 20. If you order less it costs more. It is a pretty slick program that lets you order them online from  the boards plan. I have not used them yet so I can't give a testimonial for them. 

Parts List:

4 - Triacs   NTE5602 from Mouser 
4 -Opto Isolator  MOC3010 from Mouser or Digikey

6 - Resistors  100 ohm 1/4 watt common anywhere.

4 - Diodes 1N5401 or 1N5406 etc. or use a bridge NTE5309 using version 2 of  the PCB123 plan

1 - Dip header connector for the R2CL is Mouser # 649-68691-172  Mfg. is Bergstick. These are nice gold plated and have .318 long pins.  Being 72 pins you can get 3 sets out of one connector, or a common dual breakaway header will work.

1 - Lionel R2LC Receiver Module from Digital Dynamics or TAS Studio.

1- Mini Slide program/run switch. Common anywhere or Radio Shack 275-406 

X-ray view.  Board dimensions 1.3 x 2.2 Inch
Schematic Drawing

Bottom view looking from bottom.

Top View looking from top.

Parts Layout.